Bucharest city hall employees detained over illegal building permits. Police confiscate cash, mobile phones

Office building, Bucharest, Cladire de birouri, Bucuresti, August 2020
Office building, Bucharest, Cladire de birouri, Bucuresti, August 2020

Romanian police have detained eight Bucharest City Hall employees on suspicion that they illegally issued building permits in the capital and outlying areas in exchange for bribes.

They also confiscated more than 65,000 euros in various currencies, mobile phones and documents during searches of the City Hall and suspects’ homes.

Bucharest police said that the eight officials who were taken into custody worked at the Urbanism Department of the City Hall and had issued permits to build apartment buildings in the capital.

They detained eight officials and seized 52,000 euros, 48,000 lei, and 4,300 US dollars.

Hotnews.ro reported the inquiry focused on buildings that were constructed without a proper permit in the north of the capital.

The new Bucharest Mayor Nicusor Dan, who won election two months ago, said the alleged wrongdoing occurred under Gabriela Firea, who was mayor from 2016 to 2020.

“I am happy that these problems that I have been speaking about for years are being looked in to,” he said Wednesday.

Bucharest City Hall confirmed that police had searched the Urbanism Department and taken away a number of documents.

Police carried out the searches after a series of accusations were made against City Hall employees that they had illegally given out building permits.

Suspects could be charged for making false statements, instigating others to make false statements, falsifying documents or making up or destroying evidence.


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