Ceaușescu’s former home transformed into help home

Derelict for years, the Botoșani villa of former communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu is now a shelter for the elderly and homeless after a local journalist set out to help the vulnerable, reports Romania Insider.

“I was handing out hot meals to homeless people on the street. Every winter, I would see people freeze to death from the cold or from diseases that got worse on the street,” Ionela Ivan, the local journalist who decided to help those in need, told HotNews. “The idea of somehow setting up a shelter came as a necessity, an emergency, a vital solution for those forced to live on the street,” she added.

Ionela eventually found a villa located in a village around 50 km from Botoșani that former communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu had used. The villa had been derelict for years, but Ionela and her husband began to pay for it through donations.

Over time, with help from the Salveaza o Inima (Save a Heart) Association and others, they managed to renovate it fully. The three-story building is now worth approximately EUR 120,000 and can house 50 people.


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