Coronavirus cases climb to 16,247 in Romania with 245 new cases reported in last day

Romanian authorities on Thursday said 16,247 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since the outbreak began in March and 1,046 have died from the virus.

The Strategic Communication Group said that 245 new cases had been reported in the last 24 hours. After a drop in cases in recent days, the numbers rose slightly on Thursday.

A two-month state of emergency ends on Friday, as Romania begins its lockdown exit strategy. There are fears of a fresh wave if people don’t respect social distancing rules and start socializing.

So far, 9,053 patients have recovered from the virus.

Some 225 patients are receiving medical care in intensive care units.

There are more than 14,066 people in institutionalized quarantine in Romania, while 18,118 people are in self isolation at home and under medical supervision,

Outside Romania, 2,880 have tested positive for COVID-19, and 102 Romanians have succumbed to the virus.

Some 286,217 tests have been carried out.


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