Driver stuffs cow and ram into car BOOT in Romania to transport them

Foto: Observator News

Romanian roads can be dangerous at the best of times. But when one man shoved two farm animals into his trunk, it appeared to be a case of hazardous driving and animal cruelty rolled into one.

The motorist was snapped on the DN72 road in southern Romania with a fully-grown cow jammed into his boot, its head dangling out of the side. Its front legs poked upwards and the car boot was open.

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, the driver had also squeezed a ram next to the distressed cow.

The image shows the cow watching the wheels as the car drives along. Maybe the creature didn’t have a choice.

Fellow motorists, understandably, forgot about rules banning mobile phone use and took photos of the shocking scene. Or it may have been passengers taking pictures, in which case they weren’t breaking the law.

In any case, the image was published by The driver has not been identified. The publication blurred his car registration plates in line with standard practice of not identifying private vehicles.

The episode occurred recently on the road between Ploiesti and Targoviste in southern Romania.

If police find him, however, he faces a fine for unlawfully transporting livestock.

The surreal and disturbing episode also appears to break an August 2020 animal welfare law which punishes mistreatment and cruelty to animals.

Separately, there was a discussion on social media on how the man had physically managed to ram the two farm animals into his boot.

It is also unclear why he decided to transport the animals in such an unorthodox  fashion, and whether they belonged to him.


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