Europe’s cheapest electric car, the Dacia Spring will be manufactured in China, company says

The long-awaited Dacia Spring electric car which goes on sale early next year will be manufactured in China, Romanian automaker Dacia, owned by the French Renault group has confirmed

Renault will produce the new model, which will be the cheapest in Europe, in a facility in Shiyan, Hubei province in China, reported. The factory is owned by eGT New Energy Automotive, a joint venture between Dongfeng, Renault, and Nissan.

It’s the same factory where the group produces the Renault Kwid sold in India, which is styled on similar lines.

„The Renault group did the engineering part on an alliance platform. the production will be in China… the largest market for electric cars (which) has a fully developed ecosystem, and allows us to bring Spring to Europe as soon as possible,” Mihai Bordeanu, Dacia marketing director told Hotnews.

Despite the SUV look, the Spring which will go on sale in spring 2021 is appropriate for urban driving_ at 3.73 meters long and 1.62 meters wide, it’s marginally longer and wider than a Volkswagen up!

“The Dacia Spring is a European market adaptation of a vehicle (City K-ZE) that already exists outside Europe, since 2019, in left-hand drive and, like that vehicle, it will be manufactured in China,” Matthew Bendall, Groupe Renault UK Head of Press & Public Relations, told CarScoops.

Shiyan is the first commercial vehicle production base in China, with more than 50 suppliers of motor vehicle parts.

Dacia has a production plant in Mioveni, north of the capital Bucharest where it has about 14,000 employees.


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