More than 1,300 Romanian holidaymakers left in the lurch after Greek travel company cancels vacations

A Greek travel company has canceled vacations, wrecking holidays for 1,300 Romanians who were planning head down to the Aegean.

Romania’s economy and tourism ministry said Friday that Mouzenidis Travel  Greece had suspended its services from June 18 to July 31.

Greece is one of the most popular destinations for Romanians. Many people motor down to the country with their families and friends.

More than 1 million Romanians holidayed in Greece in 2018.

The suspension affects 1,303 Romanians who spent about 450,000 euros on travel the ministry said Friday.

The ministry said the company announced on June 17 that it was suspending services, Hotnews reported.

The ministry said  it had asked Greek authorities for more information about the situation, including for help in resolving the crisis.

It also asked Greek authorities to clarify whether the company had gone bust.

If the company has gone bankrupt, Romanian tourists would be eligible for compensation under European Union rules, the economy ministry said.

The ministry asked Romanian tour operators that had acted on behalf of Mouzenidis Travel Greece to find alternative vacations or reimburse clients.

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, with up to 30 million tourists every year before the pandemic.

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