PHOTO/VIDEO | Drone photos of Easter vigil in Romanian city show believers standing like ‘pieces on a chessboard’

Last Easter, Romanian churches were closed as the pandemic forced the country into state of emergency.

Priests carried the ‘Holy Light’ from Jerusalem to people’s homes. But there were no traditional vigils at Orthodox churches which last for several hours.

This year, the government allowed churches and other faiths to hold religious services as Covid-19 cases subsided. In return, religious leaders promised that  believers would respect pandemic restrictions.

Allen Coliban, mayor of central city of Brasov has posted aerial photos of hundreds of believers respecting pandemic rules. The images taken by drone shows people tanding apart, like pieces on a chessboard, Hotnews reported which published the photos and videos.

The photos are taken at the Easter Vigil in the Square in Brasov early Sunday.


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