Post-Brexit, Romanians can use ID cards to enter UK until October 2021

Romanians can still travel to the UK after it leaves the European Union on Jan. 1 using their identity cards for the next ten months.

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians live in Britain and more than 670,000 have applied for pre-settled or settled status which will enable them to work there after Jan. 1

The British government will allow Romanians to travel to the country as tourists, for study or for short stays using their standard identity papers until Sept. 30. After that, they will need a passport.

Romanians will be able to stay in the UK for six months this year without a visa, traveling on a passport or identity document.

„Regarding travel documents, we’d like to point out that Romanian citizens who haven’t obtained residence status in the UK, and want people and want family members or friends to visit them, can use their ID document only up until Sept. 30,2021.”

“After that date, a passport is required for this category of person,” the Romanian embassy in London told Agerpres news agency.

The Romanian embassy said it recommended Romanians planning to visit the British Isles in 2021 to apply for electronic passports at passport offices in Romania.

Romanians who have obtained residence under the EU Settlement Scheme will be able to use their ID cards until Dec. 31 2025 when entering Britain.

Tourists from Romania and other EU states will no longer get free healthcare after Jan. 1 and will need to get medical heath cover.

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