Romania gripped by sweltering heat. Temperatures of 41C forecast for western counties

A heatwave swept western Romania on Thursday with temperatures of up to 41C forecast for western counties.

Meteorologists issued a red weather alert for seven counties in western Romania that will last until Friday.

The scorching temperatures, which are expected to break June temperature records, are well above average for this time of year. They come at the end of an unusually wet May and June.

Climatologist Simona Andrei told  Digi24 the sweltering heat was “an atmospheric blockage” and predicted there would be more heatwaves this summer.

She was the excessive heat was part of a weather pattern.

„Summer’s started and temperatures can remain high for days on end. If we look back to the last 20 years, we have similar episodes” she said.

The sweltering weather also hit the central regions of Transylvania and Oltenia which saw temperatures skyrocket after a period of rain. The two regions are under an orange alert for the next two days, with highs up to 39C in the south and 37C in Transylvania.

The rest of the country will be under a yellow alert. Highs of 37C are forecast in some parts.

It will climb to a sweltering 34C in the capital on Friday.

Mountainous regions all over the country could be hit by storms in the coming days, forecasters said. There will be torrential rain of between 25 and 40 liters of rain per square meter.



Extreme weather forecast for Romania over the weekend



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