Romania reports 165 new cases of coronavirus and no deaths in last 24 hours. We’re in a ‘state of maximum alert,’ PM says

nquam-photo-bucuresti-covid19-stare-de-alerta-15-mai-2020-Octav Ganea
nquam-photo-bucuresti-covid19-stare-de-alerta-15-mai-2020 Octav Ganea

Romanian authorities say coronavirus cases crossed 17,000 on Monday, with 165 new cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours.

The Strategic Communication Group said no deaths had been reported in the last 24 hours, as the total number of cases rose to 17,036.

The latest figures came as Romania begins to ease out of a strict lockdown. Premier Ludovic Orban urged for Romanians to remain vigilant and respect the new rules of compulsory face masks in enclosed public spaces and physical distancing.

He called the new stage “a state of maximum alert,” adding the ‘maximum’ for emphasis. Authorities are worried that people will relax too much after a two-month state of emergency.

President Klaus Iohannis said he would not hesitate to declare a state of emergency again if there were a spike in cases.

Under the new rules, parks and some shops have been reopened. People no longer need to fill out forms explaining why they have left home, as long as they stay in the town or village where they live.

Since the outbreak in March, almost 10,000 patients have recovered from the virus, authorities said Monday.

There are now 193 patients being treated in intensive care, one of the lowest figures in weeks.

Some 12,351 people are in institutionalized quarantine and about 18,000 are in self-isolation at home.

Some 3.13,621 tests have been carried out, though just over 3,000 in the last day, a relatively low number.


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