Romania to relax more Covid restrictions, but authorities urge caution amid 4th wave fears


Romania is set to relax more Covid-19 restrictions, but face coverings will likely remain compulsory in indoor public places, such as on public transport or in shops.

Fourth Wave

Interior Minister Lucian Bode warned Monday about “a fourth wave”  of cases, saying some of the restrictions would be tweaked rather than scrapped, Hotnews reported.

Covid-19 cases have risen slightly in the last week to more than 100 new cases a day.

On Monday Romania reported 84 cases, although that number of likely too low as only 11,000 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours. There were two Covid-19 related deaths in the past day.


Medics have warned about a gradual but sustained rise in SARS-CoV-2 infections after a period when cases tapered off to a few dozen per day.

The main measure to be relaxed starting Aug. 1 are the number of people allowed to attend private events, such as concerts, parties or weddings, the minister said. That figure will likely increase starting this weekend.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday in the eastern town of Cernavoda, the interior minister said authorities would make an official announcement about masks before next Sunday, such as whether people would be fined for non-compliance.


“Masks will remain obligatory after August 1,” he said.

Foto: INQUAM/Virgil Simionescu

“I am sending the clearest message to the general public: Please respect the protection measures,” the minister said.

“We are watching what is happening in other European countries with concern. We are looking at what measures they have taken,” he said.

New rules

“We have gradually relaxed measures in stages,” he said. “We will present new rules such as such allowing more participants at private events.”

“These measures have to be a partnership between authorities and the public.”


“The only solution is the vaccination campaign. Without this, we “will go back to restrictions as other states have done.”

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