Romanian health staff need to have ‘green pass’ or show negative Covid test under new proposal

Foto: Inquam Photos / Alex Nicodim

Romanian healthcare personnel may need to show a ‘green pass’ showing they have been inoculated against Covid-19 or show a negative test, according to a new draft law.

The health ministry published a bill on Monday which applies to health professionals during the current state of alert. It is designed to make Covid vaccines a requirement for people working in the health system.

Under the proposal all healthcare officials from the public and private sector need to demonstrate that they have had one of the Covid-approved vaccines or present a test showing they do not have the virus.

Under the bill, those that refuse to comply will have their work contracts suspended initially for 30 days. If they still refuse, their contracts will be suspended indefinitely.

„We want to pass this urgently. These measures are necessary as in the current epidemiological context, there is a significant increase in (Covid-19) cases,” acting health minister Attila Cseke said. “We need to guarantee the safety of patents and of the health staff. … Vaccines are an important part of the health system,” he said according to

The government needs to sign off on the proposal before it can be sent to Parliament.

Vaccine hesitancy is widespread in Romania where less than a third of people have  been immunized. Some health officials are also reluctant to get jabs. Cases of medical staff retiring early or leaving the profession to avoid getting a jab have been reported.

Romania’s government has recently introduced a ‘green pass’ requirement in areas where Covid-19 cases are high. People need to show vaccine certificates in restaurants, concerts and at weddings.

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