Romanian man, 105, gets Covid 19 jab so he can ”get his old life back”

A Romanian man who was born during World War I has had the Covid-19 jab aged 105 and says he can’t wait to get back to his old life.

Iosif Rusu who is the oldest person to have had the Covid vaccine in Romania is in many ways a human miracle.

It’s not only his advanced age that sets him apart, but the centenarian doesn’t need reading glasses, continues to play the violin, and describes his state of mind as “full of hope,” Digi24 reported.

He said coped well during the coronavirus pandemic (he was a young child during the   1918 flu pandemic) and insisted on being inoculated as soon as the vaccine became available as he wants to continue to enjoy his life.

The station broadcast a video of him reading a book which described him as full of “vitality, elegance, lucidity, generosity, erudition with an enduring passion for playing the violin.” The former colonel was born in the village of Taga, in the county of Cluj on October 25, 1915.

Writers have been inspired by his long life, and reading their stories gives him a new lease of life as he relives his past.

He was in the Romanian Army in War II and he was dispatched to the Caucasus, in the then-Soviet Union when he was 25.

„I was injured, but I was lucky and wasn’t really attacked until April 1943, when the Russians began their great offensive. I was the only one injured, and I returned home,” he said.

Iosif Rusu says he has always enjoyed good health. “I worked for 43 years without a single sick day,” he said proudly.

The former music teacher has been playing the violin since 1940.

He’s still active, and is learning English, on top of French and Russian which he already knows.

The secret to his old age? “He has a very well ordered life, eats regular meals and tries to eat healthily,” his granddaughter Daniela Jiman said.

“He surprises us every day, with his fantastic memory and he’s always trying to learn something new. He’s frustrated that he doesn’t know English and he’s always noting down English words and trying to make connections,” she said.

The state of emergency during the coronavirus pandemic was however, a challenge. His family tried to protect him and kept him away from people. Cluj county has registered almost 35,000 Covid-19 cases, more than any other place apart from the capital, Bucharest.

But he’s determined to return to his old life and at his doctor’s recommendation, he decided to get the vaccine.

„I decided to get a shot to protect my family,” he said, saying the jab was painless.

He is scheduled to get his second shot on February 8.


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