UPDATE. Romanian retiree ‘who left home to to buy food,’ faces charges for breaking Covid-19 quarantine rules

A 71-year-old woman that police found on the streets in southern Romania is facing charges that she violated quarantine rules, authorities said.

Police found the woman on Saturday in the village of Turcinesti, Gorj county where she lived.

The unnamed woman should have been in quarantine after her daughter was diagnosed with Covid-19 and hospitalized in the nearby town of Targu Carbunesti, police discovered.

The woman had apparently gone out to buy food because she had run out, her daughter told Pandurul newspaper on Tuesday.

„I asked people to throw some bread over the fence but nobody did anything,” the daughter was quoted as saying. „She went out because she didn’t feel well, especially as she’d only eaten sugar for four days.” She said she’d also asked the mayor’s office in the village to help her mother.

Mayor Dumitru Modrea, however, denied he hadn’t got involved and said he’d spoken to the daughter and mother in recent days and asked them to let authorities know if they needed anything, Digi24 reported.

The woman was transported to hospital and put in isolation.

The Public Health Direction informed police she should have been in quarantine since July 29.

She is now facing charges for breaking quarantine rules, Gorj county police said in a statement.

Gorj, which has reported a total of 870 Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began, has seen a spike in cases in recent weeks with 294 new infections since July 21.

On Monday,Romania had 17,675 people in home quarantine because they had been in close contact with the virus without being infected, and 179 people in institutionalized quarantine.


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