Two Romanian men die after catching delta variant. Neither had been vaccinated against the virus

Foto: INQUAM/Sabin Cirstoveanu

Romanian authorities say two more people infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus have died.

The men, aged 35 and 62 were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and had both traveled to Finland, Digi24 reported.

Delta variant

The National Vaccination Center confirmed the information based on public health data. Romania reported its first death caused by the delta variant in June.

Romania reported 60 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday and two deaths.

A 72-year-old woman from the southern county of Arges who had not been vaccinated was the first person to die after contracting the delta mutation in June.

One of the men who died was a member of a family where six Covid-19 cases were reported. Four of the cases have been confirmed as the delta variant. Five cases are asymptomatic.


The infected people who live in the eastern county of Bacau.  were put into isolation. People they had come into contact with were quarantined.

Romania has confirmed 57 cases of delta strain so far. Most of them are in Bucharest and the county of Ilfov, next to the capital.

Some delta infections were caught in Romania, which indicates the possibility of community transmission, authorities onwarn.


The delta variant is the most closely watched coronavirus mutation yet. It’s more contagious than previous variants and there’s evidence it increases the risk of hospitalization and is more resistant to vaccines.

The delta variant, first discovered in India late last year where it caused a second wave of infections and thousands of deaths, is now rapidly spreading throughout the world.


Last week, the World Health Organization warned that delta is the fastest and fittest coronavirus strain yet. It will “pick off” the most vulnerable people, especially in places with low Covid vaccination rates.

The U.K. is being closely watched by other countries. Delta is now the dominant variant in Britain, accounting for 90% of cases.

Public Health England says statistics suggest that the Delta variant is roughly 60% more spreadable than the Alpha, or Kent, variant.

Analysis of hospital admission rates suggests people infected by the Delta variant are twice as likely to end up in hospital than those with Alpha.


Delta Covid-19 variant will become dominant in Romania, health minister says





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