Global wine production falls to 60-year low (but not in Romania)

Sursa foto: Facebook/Organizația Internațională a Vinului

Global wine production worldwide is expected to fall to its lowest level in more than 60 years this year due to extreme weather conditions the vines were exposed to worldwide.

The International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) announced that only an estimated 244.1 million hectoliters will be collected this year, seven percent less than in 2022. This would be the lowest level since 1961.

“This negative scenario can be attributed to significant declines in the major wine-producing countries of both hemispheres,” the OIV said.

Extreme weather conditions such as early frost, heavy rainfall and drought had a major impact on wine production, the OIV said. However, against the background of falling global wine consumption and high inventories in many parts of the world, the expected low production could restore balance on the global market.

In the southern hemisphere, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Brazil recorded year-on-year declines of 10 to 30 percent. The harvest was also lower in Italy, Spain and Greece – mostly due to “poor climatic conditions during the growing season”, as the OIV explained.

The organization expects Italian wine production to fall by 12 percent to 44 million hectoliters, the lowest level since the poor 2017 harvest. This would mean Italy losing its top position as the world’s largest wine producer. France will become the world’s largest producer in 2023, with volumes slightly above its five-year average.

There is a positive forecast for other countries: “In the US and some EU countries such as Germany, Portugal and Romania, there were favorable climatic conditions, which led to average or above-average quantities,” the OIV added.

Initial harvest forecasts for the US indicate a production volume that will not only be above the level of 2022, but also above the average of recent years, the association said.

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