Right-wing AUR gains traction as Romania’s second most numerous party

The latest political poll conducted by CURS in Romania confirmed the leading position of the Social Democrats (31% of the votes) and also showed radical party AUR (18%) very close to the Liberal Party (PNL, 19%).

In the poll, corruption is seen as the third most important problem (indicated as a significant issue by 16% of those polled) after the economic hardship (inflation, incomes). The special pensions and the war in Ukraine are seen as important issues by only 3% of those polled, reports Romania Insider.

AUR, or the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, is a right-wing, nationalist political party founded only in 2019. A large part of its voters come from the Romanian diaspora, which AUR has pledged to support. AUR is also interested in Romanians beyond Romania’s current borders, echoing back to the territory of Greater Romania. Other priorities include the unification of Moldova and Romania, NATO membership for Romania, as well as energy independence.

AUR has been repeatedly accused of Magyarophobia, antisemitism, neo-fascism, a sympathy for Russia, and discouraging vaccination. It was the only Romanian party to openly express support for Donald Trump in 2020.

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