Romania targeted by Russia’s information war

Inaugurarea plăcilor comemorative de către Tutrinov / Sursa: The Insider
Russian propaganda exists in Romania, and its strategy is to keep denying everything, a war reporter said, urging Ukrainian military authorities to communicate better with international journalists.

Remus Cernea, a Ukraine war reporter for Newsweek (Romania) made the statement at the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform, which is being held in Sofia, Ukrinform reported.

Propagandists deny the war or downplay it with trolls claiming scenes of war from Ukraine are allegedly shot in a film studio in Bucharest he said. The tolls generate a large amount of  comments, but in reality they are just a handful of people using dozens of social media accounts. The comments are part of Russia’s big information war, the journalist claimed.

Cernea who was reported from Ukraine since Russia staged its full-stage invasion in Feb. 2022 says he must literally prove to his audience what he witnessed first hand.

There are also voices who do not directly favor Russia, but try to put Ukraine in the shade, trying to confuse people. „We need to understand this and resist,” Cernea said.

The Romanian journalist also appealed to Ukrainian military authorities to work closer with the press. „It is important that foreigners have the opportunity to see the truth about Ukraine and be deeply aware of the developments at the front, because this also affects the situation around weapon supplies. … We must directly show who is to blame for this war, so that no one has any doubts about this,” he added.

The Second Black Sea Security Conference hosted by Sofia, was jointly organized by Ukraine and Bulgaria. The conference is the flagship event of the Crimea Platform and the main stage for exploring solutions to security problems in the Black Sea region.

The event is attended by international experts, representatives of the governments of the International Crimea Platform member states. and international institutions.

Participants discussed strategies for responding to regional security threats, as well as actions Ukraine should take in order to successfully repel Russian aggression in the Black Sea region.

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