Romanian party pushes for fireworks to be regulated after dozens injured during NY celebrations

Sursa: Inquam Photos / Sabin Cirstoveanu

A Romanian party has called on Parliament to pass a bill to regulate fireworks dozens of children and adults needed hospital treatment during New Year celebrations.

The Save Romanian Union (USR) demanded that the „Stop firecrackers!” bill be voted on as soon as possible. It also initiated  a petition to convince the current parliamentary majority that it must take the issue seriously,

Some 10,000 people have signed the petition in the past few days.

„Dozens of children and adults ended up in hospital at the end of 2023 due to injuries caused by firecrackers. For some, unfortunately, we are not just talking about injuries that require on-the-spot treatment, but life-changing injuries. The solution to prevent such accidents is the „Stop firecrackers!” draft bill which has been held up in Parliament for over a year by the Social Democrats. “

The bill, initiated by USR lawmaker from Cluj, Radu Molnar, in April 2022 „must be adopted urgently, so that accidents such as those that happened in recent days are prevented, and next New Year’s Eve the emergency rooms will no longer be filled with adults and children hurt by exploding pyrotechnics.”

Under the draft bill, private individuals will not be allowed to possess pyrotechnic materials. It also gives the police powers to take action against entrepreneurs who import firecrackers and fireworks, and those who sell them without a license on the street.

„Those who want to sign the petition asking Parliament to vote to ban firecrackers as soon as possible can find it here: –,” the USR said.

„Why sign the petition ‘STOP firecrackers!’? Because this is how we put even more pressure on Social Democrats to pull the bill out of the drawer banning firecrackers, a project they buried in committees…. We must solve the problem…. It is not normal to discuss this topic only on New Year’s Eve, when we see children and adults injured and the noise of firecrackers becomes unbearable. When Parliament returns from recess, if there is political will of the PSD-PNL majority, we can solve the problem!”, Molnar said.

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