VIDEO | British tourist is mauled by bear in Romania after lowering car window to take a photo

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An British tourist was mauled by a bear in Romania after she lowered her car window to take a photo of it.

The 72-year-old Scottish woman was driving on the Transfăgărășan mountain road in Argeş County, on Monday when she came across two bears.

As she stopped the car to snap a photo with the the creature, one of the bears leaped onto its hind legs directly outside her vehicle.

The tourist bravely rolled down her window to get a better view. But in a scary twist of events, the bear pounced forward and mauled her right arm.

She was dashed to a nearby hospital and told local reporters: „I’m in a lot of pain.”

The traveler said: ‘We were in the car and we were going to take a picture.

‘And the bears came up to the window.’ In her hospital bed, she added: ‘I just wanted to take a picture of him.’


Doctors have since confirmed that the woman’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Following the attack, the police advised residents and tourists to always keep a safe distance if encountering animals in the wild.

Animal welfare group urges for the release of four bears languishing in cramped cages


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