Bridge over Tisza River to connect Romania to Ukraine

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania will have a new border crossing point in Maramures, on the border with Ukraine, where a bridge will be built across the River Tisza, reports Our River, the Tisza. The new road enables between trade between the two countries and represents an access point to the EU for Ukrainian goods.

Maramureș County Council, in partnership with Romania’s National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR), is responsible for the project.

The total value of the project is approximately €30.4 million (RON147.9 million) and will be financed in the next two years by the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme.

More specifically, the construction will consist of two parallel bridges, 3 meters apart, one bridge for each direction of traffic, with two lanes in each direction and a total length of 261.20 meters. The project also includes the construction of 1.2 kilometers of new road, 5 drainage bridges, 1 roundabout, and a border crossing with parking.

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