Coronavirus: Romanian health minister warns the worst is yet to come

Romanian Health Minister Nelu Tataru on Friday warned that the coronavirus crisis would get worse in the coming weeks.

„Harder weeks will come, there will be critical cases, but we will get through this period and come out stronger than before,” said Tataru, who was appointed minister the day before to head the medical response to the virus outbreak.

Coronavirus cases rose to 1,292 in Romania on Friday, with 263 new cases, the biggest spike in new infections in one day. Some 24 people have died, the majority elderly with underlying health conditions.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the government’s main objective was to protect people’s livelihoods and health, to contain the spread of the virus and to increase testing.

The cases of COVID-19 infection at local hospitals under the authority of local administration, were caused by managers of healthcare staff or insufficient protection equipment.

Tataru said the response by hospitals needed to ramped up to help medics, and called for to be respected to prevent further contagion of the highly infectious virus.


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