Despite restrictions, coronavirus cases soar in Romanian capital. ‘ There’s constant growth’- prefect

The surge in coronavirus cases is continuing in the Romania capital in spite of tougher restrictions introduced two weeks ago, the prefect warned Monday.

Traian Berbeceanu said infections climbed to 3.91 per 1,000 on Monday, a rise from 3.79 of the previous day.

“There’s continuous growth,” the prefect said.

Bucharest reported a record 1,129 cases on Thursday, and posted 2,049 more in the last three days.  Romania added a record 37,000 cases in the past week, according to the Strategic Communication Group.

The Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations said schools, restaurants, theaters and cinemas would remain closed due to the high number of Covid-19 cases. Masks are compulsory in all public places.

Romanian authorities have placed added restrictions in places where the infection rate is higher than 3 cases per 1,000.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Monica Anisie said Monday there were concerns that students weren’t taking part in remote classes.  

About one million students are currently learning online in areas where there are coronavirus outbreaks. The minister urged education authorities to make sure teachers and students were participating in remote lessons.


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