Exports of Romanian salt rise with war next door

Romanian salt exports to Central and Eastern Europe have registered a significant increase this year, filling gaps left empty by Ukrainian exporters.

Hungary, Slovakia, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Poland have imported more Romanian salt this year, but the internal market also absorbed an additional 100,000 tons more than previous years.

“The National Salt Company (Salrom SA) took over the place left vacant on the market in Central and Eastern Europe by the Donbas (Ukraine) Salt Authority. Hungary contracted 200,000 tons of salt for snow removal for this year alone, for which they will pay EUR 10.2 mln. Total salt exports to Hungary will exceed EUR 27 mln in 2022, 10 mln more than in 2021”, states a Salrom press release cited by Profit.ro.

Salrom, the only salt producer and exporter in Romania, is controlled by the Romanian state through a 51% stake. The rest of the shares are owned by Fondul Proprietatea.


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