Israel hit Iran last night

Sursa: IRNA

An Israeli missile reportedly hit Iran overnight. 

This came six days after Tehran’s unprecedented 300-missile attack on Israeli territory last weekend, which in turn was a retaliation for the Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria which 

Explosions were heard around the city of Isfahan. Damage has not been reported to Isfahan’s missile and nuclear complexes. 

Tehran has said this attack was in response to a suspected Israeli strike on its Syria consulate which killed 13 people. 

Israel had indicated that it would hit back though international leaders have been urging the country to show restraint

The US was told about Israel’s plans to strike, but they did not endorse the action, unnamed officials are telling several American media outlets. The Pentagon and Israel’s military have both declined to comment so far. 

As of this morning, Iran has declared that it has no plans to retaliate soon. 

First Russia, now Iran is sanctioned


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