Moldova has EU’s full support following pro-Russian protests in Chisinau-EU leader

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The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has assured Moldova that it has the European Union’s full support on its path to membership in what he described as  „these difficult times”.

In an official visit Tuesday, Michel pledged EU support, saying the country had become a target for Russia.

The EU has mobilized over one billion euros to support Moldova’s stability, and Michel praised the country’s commitment to implementing reforms.

Moldova has become a target of Russian intelligence operations as Moscow and its proxies are increasingly trying to destabilize the country, he said. .

Speaking at a joint press conference with Moldovan President Maia Sandu in the capital Chisinau, Michel said that Moldova is heavily impacted by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

„In recent months, Russia and its proxies have increasingly tried to destabilize your country using energy, cyber-attacks, staging protests, and other disruptive activities,” he noted.

„You have responded to these threats and Russia’s war with courage and with resolve, and we have full confidence in the government’s ability to tackle all these threats,” he added.

„This is a historic opportunity for your country and for your people,” he said. „And I am absolutely convinced that it must be seized and it will be seized. Russia

continues to attack the free people of Ukraine, and here in Moldova, you are heavily impacted by Russia’s war against Ukraine. You have increasingly become a target of Russia’s military intelligence.”

Several pro-Russian protests have taken place in Moldova in recent weeks calling for the ouster of Maia Sandu’s pro-European administration. The government accuses Russia of trying to destabilize the country.


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