NATO resources from West continue to be brought to Romania

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The 101st Airborne Division, one of the elite units of the American army, was deployed to Europe for the first time in nearly 80 years, in Romania, amid rising tensions between Russia and NATO, reported.

The light infantry unit is trained to deploy to any battlefield in the world within hours, ready for battle. The last time it was in Europe was 78 years ago when it landed on the beaches of Normandy, marking the last stage of WWII.

Spain also sent 14 fighter jets to Bulgaria and Romania to bolster NATO’s eastern flank as the defense alliance bolsters its deterrence capability following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, The Guardian said. Eight of these fighter jets will be stationed in Romania. It is about eight F18 fighter aircraft, as well as 130 members of the air force, which will arrive in Romania between December and March next year as part of NATO’s „reaction and deterrence” strategy.

Finally, the first convoy with French military equipment consisting of armoured personnel carriers entered Romania on October 23 in order to complete the technical means of the NATO Battle Group (Battle Group Forward Presence-BGFP) deployed in Cincu. A second convoy made up of a Leclerc tank company is to enter Romania in November, according to

The NATO Battle Group (BGFP) in Romania was established in May by transforming the allied multinational elements within the NATO Response Force deployed in Romania. BGFP contributes to increasing Romania’s military cooperation with France and, implicitly, to strengthening the security of the Euro-Atlantic space on the Eastern Flank.

Romania hops into new NATO system


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