One in two Romanians has thought about emigrating since Russian invasion of Ukraine-survey

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More than half of Romanians have considered moving to another country since Russia invaded Ukraine, a survey released Thursday showed.

If they left Romania, most respondents said they would relocate to Germany, France and Britain, according to the poll carried out by recruitment platform BestJobs.

„Romania’s geographical proximity to … military war makes Romanians think more seriously about what future security looks like for them,” the platform said. Romania shares a 615-kilometer border with Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, 51% of Romanians have considered leaving, while 12% are waiting to see how the situation develops. Another 11% believe that the war will not affect them, the poll revealed.

Another 26% of respondents say they would not leave regardless of how the situation develops.

The main reasons for leaving Romania are a desire to move away from their current  environment and country  (38%), personal and family safety (24%), higher income (21%), more opportunities for professional development (14%) and the desire to work in an area not to be affected by war (4%).

Moving closer to relatives or acquaintances (27%) and moving away frrom the war zone (24%) are added to the list of reasons for resettlement.

Germany is the top pick for 21%, followed by  France and Britain (14% each). Another 30% considered relocating to Italy, the US or Australia.

The influx of refugees made 73% of respondents to think what it would mean for them and their families to have to leave their own country in case of war and ask for refugee status in a neighboring country.

The poll was carried out from April 21 to May 9 based on interviews with some 1,054 internet users.

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