Queen’s coffin arrives in Edinburgh, after which procession continues

As the cortege travels through Scotland, we’re watching the first steps of a journey that will last more than a week, before culminating at the state funeral next Monday, reports Roya Correspondent Shaun Coughlan.

It’s a ceremonial journey with its own narrative, going from the homely setting of six Balmoral gamekeepers lifting her coffin, to the grandeur of Westminster Abbey in London, where the pews will be packed with world leaders.

Balmoral was one of the Queen’s favourite places, perhaps because it gave her more privacy. Prime ministers visiting there were said to have been surprised to see her doing the washing up after a meal.

She has now left for the last time, with flowers picked from her Scottish estate on the coffin, including white heather, pine fir, phlox, dahlias and sweet peas, which were said to be one of her favorites.

Mourners gathered in towns along the route, or dotted along the roadside to watch the funeral cortege, with these small groups about to become much bigger crowds, as the journey reaches Edinburgh and then London.

The procession passed through Aberdeen, Dundee, by St. Andrews, Rosyth, Queensferry Crossing.

The King and members of the Royal Family will accompany the coffin in procession at 14:35BST to St Giles’ Cathedral, where a service will be held. The Queen will lie at rest at the cathedral for 24 hours until Tuesday, allowing the public to view her coffin.

The Queen will lie in state in Westminster Hall for four full days before her funeral on Monday 19 September, allowing members of the public to file past and pay their respects.

On Wednesday 14 September she will be brought to Westminster Hall from Buckingham Palace in a slow procession, accompanied by a military parade and members of the Royal Family.

People will also be able to watch the procession as it passes through the streets and big screens broadcasting events are likely to be set up in London’s Royal Parks.

Her coffin will be draped in the Royal Standard and once in Westminster Hall it will be topped with the Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre.

The Queen’s state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11:00BST on Monday 19 September. The day has been declared a Bank Holiday across the UK.

Heads of state from across the world will be flying in to join members of the Royal Family to remember the life and service of the Queen. Senior UK politicians and former prime ministers will also be there.


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