Romania backs civil nuclear program for decarbonization purposes

Romania supports the development of the civil nuclear program as decarbonization is impossible to achieve without nuclear energy, Energy Minister Virgil Popescu has stated.

„Today [Tuesday] I am in Brussels, at the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting. At first light, I attended a meeting with several ministers from the EU countries to discuss the details about the measures to support nuclear energy. Romania supports the development of the civil nuclear programme, because decarbonization without nuclear energy is not possible. This is why we need cooperation at the level of EU states in order to achieve our goals”, the Minister wrote on his Facebook page on March 28th.

According to information on the EC website, EU relevant ministers sought during this meeting to reach a general orientation on the gas and hydrogen package, which included a proposal for a Directive and a proposal for a Regulation regarding common rules for the domestic gas and hydrogen markets.

Energy ministers will also try to reach a political agreement on the extension of the Council Regulation on the voluntary reduction of gas demand by 15pct, which would be maintained until March 2024.

Moreover, the ministers will have a first orientation debate on the proposal to revise the EU electricity market configuration. The proposal aims to increase the resilience and stability of the energy market in the EU bloc, protect consumers and companies from short-term electricity price volatility and boost investment in renewable energy.

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