UPDATE. Romania records spike in coronavirus cases, deaths

geo-spatial.org COVID-19, Romania
geo-spatial.org COVID-19, Romania

The number of coronavirus cases in Romania leapt to 1,815 on Sunday, after a record spike of 308 new cases recorded in a single day.    

The Strategic Communication Group said 43 people had died of the COVID-19 since the outbreak.  

Most the patients who died from the effects of the virus had existing health conditions, such as heart problems, diabetes or obesity, authorities said.

Although elderly patients are most at risk from the virus, a 39-year-old man with no known existing health conditions in the southern county of Ialomita died on Saturday evening. A 27-year-old woman who had diabetes died on Sunday after contracting COVID-19.

In the latest health bulletin, authorities said that 31 people are in intensive care in a serious condition.

The new patients ranged from newborns to 83 years old. Some 206 people have recovered since the outbreak began several weeks ago.

A total of 8,700 are in institutionalized quarantine, while 132,600 are in self-isolation at home.

Some 21,460 tests have been carried out so far, according to the latest figures.


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