Romania reports 196 new Covid-19 deaths, highest figure this year

Romania reported 196 Covid-19 related deaths, the highest daily toll since December 15, and one of the highest daily rates since the pandemic began.

The latest fatalities came after a rise in patients with serious forms of the virus, who require intensive care treatment.

On Tuesday, there were 1,466 gravely ill patients in ICUs, a near record but fewer than Monday. Medics are worried about hospitals being overwhelmed by the demand for beds in these units.

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said Sunday that Romania has a total of 1,600 beds in ICUs reserved for SARS-CoV-2 patients.

One-third of patients have a case of Covid-19 so severe that they need to be intubated and placed on a ventilator, he said.

Despite the number of seriously il patients, new cases fell to 5,231, a drop from previous weekday figures when they have often been around or over 6,000.

The infection rate rose in the capital to 6.92 per 1,000, calculated over a rolling 14-day period.

In the neighboring Ilfov county it dipped to 8;68 per 1,000 people, still the highest rate for any Romanian county.

Cases fell in Timis, southwestern Romania which has been one of the most adversely affected areas to 4.96 cases per 1,000.  

The deaths included 109 men and 87 women. One patient was in  their 20s, another was in their 30s, five were in their 40s and 12 in their 50s. the rest were over 60.

Twelve patients didn’t have underlying health conditions.


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