Romania reports record high 1,767 new Covid-19 cases

Foto: INQUAM/Alex Nicodim

Romania on Wednesday reported 1,767 cases of coronavirus, the highest number registered in a single day.

The record came after came after just 1,059 cases were reported the previous day and it was possible the day’s high came because infections were underreported on Tuesday.

The number of deaths stayed high, with 47 patients, including two people in their 20s succumbing to the virus in the past 24 hours, the Strategic Communication Group said .

Medics tested 24,745 people of which 7.1 % positive came out positive, a high figure for a weekday.

Bucharest reported a record 301 cases, the first time when there has been in excess of 300 new infections in a single day. It came however, after only 99 cases were registered on Tuesday, which is much lower than usual.

There are currently 498 patients in intensive care units.

The cumulative total rose to 116,415 cases while the death toll climbed to 4,550. More than 95,500 patients have recovered after catching the virus.

In the last 24 hours, 35 men and 12 women in Romania with the virus died. Two were in their 20s, three were in their 40s, and five in their 50s, and the remaining deaths were people over 60.

Apart from two, all the patients who died had underlying health conditions such as cancer or diabetes. The patients in their 20s had unspecified preexistent heath problems.

Oter places that reported a spike in cases were Brasov which saw 97 new cases. The county in central Romania is densely populated and is a popular tourist destination. The couty of Iasi in northeast Romania which has seen a surge in cases reported 93 new infections on Wednesday.

There are about 16,000 people with coronavirus in isolation either at home or in institutionalized isolation.


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