Romania risks losing control of coronavirus, health minister says. ‘We’re close to a doubling, a tripling of cases’

inquam-photo-bucuresti-covid19-examen-bacalaureat-22-iunie-2020, Fotio Octav Ganea
inquam-photo-bucuresti-covid19-examen-bacalaureat-22-iunie-2020-Foto Octav Ganea

Health Minister Nelu Tartaru on Monday warned that the spread of the coronavirus in Romania could shortly get out of control if people fail to wear masks and respect social distancing rules.

“At the moment we have a handle on this somewhat predictable rise in cases,” Tataru said. “We are recommending people respect distancing rules and wear masks in enclosed public spaces, such as at work or on public transport,” he told Digi24.

Since May 15, face coverings have been compulsory in indoor public spaces such as in shops, offices and on the subway, but compliance is patchy. Social distancing measures are commonly disregarded.

As the lockdown gradually eases, the number of cases has spiked to more than 300 per day in recent days, double the rate of previous weeks. Even with increased testing, the percentage of people who confirm positive for the virus is double what it was earlier in June.

Tataru, a doctor who served as a hospital manager before becoming minister, said that as long as rules were respected “my colleagues and I can manage this progressive rise (in cases), they are not an exponential rise.. and we can manage the cases in intensive care

„We were on a downward trend of 0,6, 0.7 and we are now at a rate of 1.2, 1.4…. but the community transmission rate exists, it’s more accentuated and we are close to a moment where we will see a doubling or a tripling of case cases… then we will have a problem.”

“We aren’t at that point, but so that we don’t get there, hygiene rules must be respected.”


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