Romania’s president proposes 26 new ambassadors

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has picked 26 new ambassadors to head the country’s missions abroad.

The vast majority of nominations are career diplomats, and the list was signed off by the foreign ministry.

The proposals are a sign that the president wants a professional approach to Romania’s foreign policy in most places, with key allies appointed to some important posts. He recalled 26 ambassadors last month.

One key post which will be filled by a non-diplomat is Washington.

Presidential adviser Andrei Muraru, a historian who revealed Romania’s role in the Holocaust and undertook efforts to make communist officials accountable for crimes they committed 50 years earlier, has been proposed as Romania’s ambassador to the U.S.  

Romania has a strategic partnership with the U.S. and close security, political and military ties and Washington is the most important diplomatic post abroad.

The outgoing ambassador to Washington, George Maior, has been selected as Romania’s new ambassador to Jordan. Mr Maior was chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service from October 2006 to January 2015.

The former ambassador to Germany, Emil Hurezeanu, who is a respected journalist and intellectual, has been asked to be Romania’s envoy to Austria, a key regional ally.

 Adriana Stanescu , an experienced diplomat, who has worked in Romanian missions in Austria and Germany, will take his place in Berlin.

The former ambassador to Poland, Ovidiu Dranga, who’s a career diplomat has been picked as ambassador to Japan.

The proposed ambassadors will face parliamentary hearings before their appointments are confirmed.


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