Romania’s Social Democrats to file no-confidence motion against minority Liberal gov’t next week

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Romania’s largest party, the Social Democratic Party, will file a no-confidence motion against the Liberal government next week in a bid to oust the minority government, the party’s acting leader said Wednesday

Marcel Ciolacu, the interim leader of the Social Democrats said the party would submit the motion against Ludovic Orban’s government on Monday, August 17.

He made the announcement during a Parliament session where Prime Minister Orban presented measures taken by the government to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

But Ciolacu accused the Liberal government of destroying the economy and failing to prepare the safe opening of schools.

„The situation is out of control, you failed to manage the economy, you broke all the promises made to Romanians. These are the results of the Liberal government. You were only interested in the elections, thefts, and giving top positions to as many friends as possible. You did not care for a second about the health of the Romanians, nor about their daily life,” he said.

He also criticized public acquisitions made by the government during the state of emergency, claiming medical equipment was poor quality and purchased „at inflated prices.” 

„With the constant support of President Iohannis, you destroyed Romania step by step in the last nine months. But that’s it, enough is enough. PSD will not allow Romania to sink into the incompetence and stupidity of the government. It’s time to go home or to jail, depending on what you each did,” Ciolacu said.

After the no-confidence motion is filed, it will be read out in Parliament several days later and likely voted on the next week.

Romania holds local elections in September. The Liberals took office after Parliament dismissed the Social Democratic government in October over repeated allegations of corruption and attempts to undermine the justice system which saw the biggest protests since the collapse of communism.


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