“Toxic” building evacuated after three die, six hospitalized in southwest Romania (update 1)

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Romanian authorities have evacuated residents from 200 apartments in building in the southwest city of Timisoara after three people died and six were hospitalized after the building was treated with pesticide.

A 10-day-old infant, a three-year-old child and his 29-year-old mother have died, authorities quoted by news.ro reported Monday.

Reports say that the building was recently treated with insect repellent.

Nine people in the building were hospitalized, including the three that died, authorities said. Patients reported feeling nauseous and having stomach and headaches.

The toddler died Sunday, while his mother early Monday.

Medics treated two other children and four adults from the same building.

They said they received 15 calls from the building in recent days. Spokesman for Timis county ambulance service, Florin Crisan said: “We don’t know the cause of death, we are waiting for the autopsy.”

Local government official Daniel Cristian Frantescu said preliminary inquiries showed that pesticide had been sprinkled in the building.

Authorities evacuated residents from 200 apartments in the four-storied building and have closed off the street.

Two clubs, Papa Sam and Club 30, whose premises were treated with pesticide by the same company were also closed.


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