UBB to implement largest digital transformation project of any Romanian university

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Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) of Cluj-Napoca will be conducting a 13-million-euro digital transformation project, the largest of any Romanian university under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

„Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB) will implement the largest digital transformation project of any Romanian university funded under PNRR, namely DIGIHUBB (UBB Digital Transformation: Acquiring digital infrastructure for teaching and research purposes). The project has a value of over 13 million euros (64,349,589 RON) and will include the development of 15 laboratories for the modernization/digital transformation of some educational programs of the six UBB academic schools: (1) Art & Humanities; (2) Social Sciences; (3) Life & Natural Sciences; (4) Health; (5) Engineering & Technology and (6) Divinity. The 15 laboratories will be integrated with the integrative hub type centers already designed for the UBB academic/science schools under another ongoing project of over 1 million euro”, UBB reported on Tuesday.

According to UBB, three transversal hubs will support the entire approach of the 15 laboratories and will modernise and digitally transform the existing UBB units in areas where UBB already has a competitive edge at national/international level.

„I am pleased by this opportunity offered to the UBB academic community under PNRR, accessible thanks to good organization on the part of the government/ministry (along with UBB, another 60 universities in Romania have been part of the program). It comes right on time amidst UBB’s deep transformations. To be honest, I would have liked, however, for the project to allow for a more general and in-depth digital transformation of universities – the officials have focused financial support, through eligible activities, somewhat on education and partly on research, leaving the administrative area and services to the society less represented – but it is a good move (…) and I hope that in the future other steps will complete what cannot be done now. Anyway, UBB is trying to improve by its own forces this fundamental approach for a modern university, and as a sign of seriousness our university will bring to the project approximate 10 million lei of its own funds”, UBB Rector Daniel David is quoted as saying.

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