VIDEO | ‘Putin, you criminal!’ hundreds protest Ukraine invasion outside Russian embassy

Protest fata de actiunea militara desfasurata de Rusia in Ucraina. Inquam Photos / Adriana Neagoe

Yelling “Putin’s a murderer” and “Russia get out!” hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Russian embassy in Bucharest on Sunday to protest the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Romanians and Ukrainian refugees took part in the rally, which was the biggest and noisiest anti-Russia demonstration since the unprovoked war began on Feb. 24.

Participants shouted „Ukraine, Ukraine” and some nwrapped themselves in Ukrainian flags.

They yelled slogans such as “You fascists!” One woman held a banner saying „Russia, hands off!” while others held up the Ukrainian flag with the words „Stop War.”

Demonstrators accused Moscow’s ambassador to Bucharest Valery Kuzmin of resorting to false and “aggressive statements (about the conflict) in a desperate attempt to manipulate Romanian public opinion.”

The protest was organized by the Romanian 21 December 1989 group and called “STOP PUTIN! ‘STOP THE WAR!” Other Romanian civic groups were also taking part.

“We support freedom and democracy in Ukraine,” said the group which is committed to investigating what happened in Romania’s bloody uprising.

More than half a million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Romania since the Russian invasion began.

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