VIDEO | Romania has a national flower and it’s the peony

the peony (bujor in Romanian) voted Romanian national flower: Photo. Wikipedia
the peony (bujor in Romanian) voted Romanian national flower: Photo. Wikipedia

Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world, and now  Romania has chosen its own national bloom.

Lawmakers recently passed a bill making the peony the national flower of Romania.

The development means the pink, frilly flower which comes out in May will have pride of place in parks, in paintings and on stamps.

Parliament’s lower Chamber of Deputies approved the draft bill, with 180 votes in favor, 39 against and 23 abstentions, Hotnews reported. Horticultural professors lobbied for the distinctive pink bloom to get national recognition.

Other flowers that flourish in Romania’s continental climate_such as sunflowers, geraniums  or roses_ didn’t make the short list.

“The peony flower, from the Paeoniaceae family, is declared the National Flower of Romania,” the bill reads.

Romania will hold a Peony Festival every year to celebrate and promote the bloom.

Local authorities can protection national peony reserves and take different peony types from other countries and adapt them to local conditions.

They are encouraged to organize annual peony exhibitions and set up special ‘peony’ spaces in parks and public gardens.

The Artists Union will encourage painting exhibitions featuring the flower and the post office will issue ‘peony’ stamps.

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