1,600 Ukrainian children enrolled  in Romanian schools  and kindergartens

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Some 1,600 Ukrainian children have enrolled in Romanian schools and kindergartens since fleeing their country after Russia launched its invasion, the government said.

Education Minister Sorin Cîmpeanu on Friday said a total of 1,900 pupils and preschoolers had submitted  applications for places at schools and kindergartens.

About 300 are awaiting for their applications to be processed.

On Friday, 566 preschoolers and 1,022 students were going to Romanian schools, he said.

Interior Minister Lucian Bode said that 700,000 Ukrainian  evacuees had arrived in Romania since Feb. 24 when the invasion began.

There are currently 80,000 Ukrainians in Romania of which 36,000 are children.

It was unclear what other school-age children were doing about education. Some may have been admitted to private schools, while others may be home schooled in their native language.

Others may be waiting to see whether they can return home.

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