UPDATE. 20 detained in Romania on suspicion of looting perfume, watches and jewelry from planes at Bucharest Airport

Romanian authorities on Friday detained 20 people on suspicion of looting luxury goods from airplanes parked at Bucharest’s Henri Coanda Airport,

During house searches on Thursday in Bucharest and surrounding areas, police seized 400 bottles of perfume, 4 minibars, 450 bottles of alcohol, 200 watches, items of jewelry, cosmetics and bags.

They also confiscated 80,000 lei, 30,000 euros and US dollars and British pounds.

They questioned suspects, and on Friday detained 20, and put 38 under judicial control.

The suspects, who include airport staff and employees at other companies that operate at the airport, are charged with stealing luxury goods, cosmetics and drinks from containers on airplanes transiting the airport.

Police did not give a time-frame for the theft. Since March, there have been a restricted number of flights from the airport due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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