48 test positive for Covid-19 in elderly people’s home in northwest Romania

Almost 50 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus at an elderly people’s home in a Transylvanian village, authorities said.

Prefect of Cluj county Mircea Abrudean said 48 people, including residents and staff had been diagnosed with the virus in Dezmir, a village just to the east of the city of Cluj.

The elderly people stricken by the virus were aged 68 to 92, authorities said.

„We will review all positive cases today…. and see what treatment each patient should receive, “ Mircea Abrudean told national news agency Agerpres.

He said residents and staff were tested after two staff members were confirmed to have contracted the virus.

The retirement home has been temporarily closed for disinfection, Mr. Abrudean said.

Romania has registered 107,011 cases of coronavirus so far. On Wednesday it recorded an all-time record of 1,713 new cases. There have been outbreaks at several retirement homes around the country.

Elderly people are more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. Most virus-related deaths are people aged over 60.


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