5k Ukrainians found Romanian jobs since the war began

A total of 4,850 Ukrainian citizens found jobs in Romania since Russian invasion began in Ukraine on February 24, labour minister Marius Budai said on Friday, November 11. Most Ukrainian refugees are employed in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

„As of this morning, 6,372 active contracts of Ukrainian citizens are registered, of which 4,850 are contracts that started when the conflict began. So the number of contracts with a start date of February 24, 2022, or later has increased by 19 compared to yesterday (e.n. Thursday, November 10)”, minister Budai said, quoted by Agerpres. The number is also roughly 200 higher compared to the previous month.

Out of the total of 4,850 Ukrainian citizens employed in Romania after February 24, 1,644 are in Bucharest, and 424 in Bistriţa-Năsăud county.

Most of the Ukrainian citizens, precisely 1,314, were employed in the manufacturing industry, while 813 found jobs in construction.

According to official data from the Border Police, more than 2.82 million Ukrainians entered Romania between February 10 and November 13. However, most of them only transit the country, travelling further to other countries, mainly Western Europe.

Best for Ukrainian refugees not to come home this winter, their gov’t says


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