Anti-Semitism czar warns ’neo-fascist’ party poised to come to power in Romania

Foto: INQUAM/Sabin_Cirstoveanu

A new political alliance which has a ‚neo-fascist’ and ‚anti-Semitic’ party at its heart is poised to come to power in Romania, a government adviser warned on Sunday.

The Save Romania Union-Plus (USR), a junior party in the centrist ruling coalition, walked out last week after Prime Minister Florin Citu, a Liberal, dismissed the justice minister, who is a USR member.

The spat was over a 10-billion euro financing plan for local communities which the  justice minister refused to sign. The acting justice minister rubber stamped it on Friday


No-confidence motion

USR then said it would support a no-confidence motion against the government next week together with the far-right Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR).

The alliance of the two groups has raised eyebrows as they are ideologically at different ends of the spectrum. Both are relatively new and somewhat inexperienced groups.

USR was first elected to parliament in 2016 and political newcomer AUR won an unexpected fourth place in 2020 elections, only a year after it was established.

The two parties  do not have enough votes to oust the Liberal-led  government alone. They need votes from the main opposition Social Democrats. It is unclear whether the Social Democrats will support the motion.

Far-right party

However, if the government is toppled, the far-right nationalist party will be in the next government potentially presenting a series of complications for Romania at an international level. It would also likely deepen voters’ distrust in their politicians.

Alexandru Muraru, the prime minister’s adviser on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism issues called the new development concerning.

He said he  had informed fellow anti-Semitic government advisers in other EU states, and 108 European Parliament lawmakers from the Renew Europe group about the development.

European Commission

He said he had also sent notification to the European Commission, the U.S, Israeli, German and other governments.

His action is not only designed to alert Romania’s foreign partners. It is also meant as a wake-up call to the junior partner and appeal to them to keep the fragile nine-month-old coalition intact.

He warned: „Through this political action, the USR-PLUS alliance is….. taking Romania back 30 years when the Romanian Socialists openly governed with extremist, neofascist and anti-Semitic parties.”


He said he had written an official document „underlining the fact that the new conjectural alliance creates the premises for bringing to power a neofascist, xenophobic,  anti-Semitic party. (It) has poured scorn on the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, has tried to rehabilitate war criminals, and stirred hatred against ethnic and sexual minorities.”

Romania’s political crisis deepens


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