Blizzards and gale-force winds forecast for northwest Romania

Sursa: Pexels

After a balmy January and a short, freezing spell, winter is back with a vengeance. Forecasters say snowstorms, blizzards and gale-force winds will batter parts of central, north and northwest Romania Monday evening.

Meteorologists issued a yellow warning for Transylvania and an orange alert for the counties of Suceava, parts of Mures, Maramures and Bistrita-Nasaud until Tuesday evening.

“There will be winds of up to 65 to 75 kilometers an hour and higher up winds will gust up to 90 kilometers and hour,” a statement from the National Weather Administration said.

Elsewhere in Transylvania, there will be winds of 50 to 80 kilometers an hour in isolated areas.

Snow and sleet are forecast for many areas in Transylvania. Heavy snow will fall above 1,500 meters.

Winds gusting between 90 and 120 kilometers an hour will scatter the snow, reducing visibility.


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