Britain’s Prince Charles thanks Romanians for their work in National Health Service in Easter message

Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Britain’s Prince of Wales has thanked Romanians who are working in the UK’s National Health Service and care homes during the coronavirus outbreak and were unable to return home for Easter due to the lockdown.

“I … just want you all to know how much I am thinking of you at this most holy time of the year. Easter, of course, is usually a time when people come together, to worship together and to renew their bonds of community and of faith.”

Charles, 71, has a home in Transylvania’s unspoiled countryside. He makes an annual visit to Romania, where he is a popular figure.

He set up the Prince of Wales Foundation in 2015 which supports the East European nation’s heritage and rural life, and sustainable development.

In his message which was recorded Friday, he said that many Romanian would “have hoped to return to Romania for Easter, and to have been reunited with their families and their friends,” he said.

“This year, in the midst of this dreadful pandemic with which we are all faced, none of the usual ways are possible.”

„This is very hard for us all I know, but particularly for those who are so far apart from those they love,” he said.

“At the same time, I know just how many Romanians in the United Kingdom are playing an indispensable role in our National Health Service, our care homes, and in other key roles, as we address this unprecedented public health crisis.”

 He said Britain owned them “an immense a debt of gratitude, and I can hardly say how much their remarkable efforts are appreciated by us all.”

Charles usually visits Romania at the end of May, but hinted he wouldn’t be able to make a trip this year due to the pandemic.

He said he looked forward “at some point in the future, to returning to Romania, a country which holds such a special place in my heart.”

The message was recorded on Friday at Birkhall, Charles’ home in Scotland, according to Clarence House.


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