Britons in Romania remember Queen Elizabeth II as ‘mother of the nation’

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Some moved to Romania in the wake of the 1989 anti-communist revolution. They made their homes,  lives and careers here. Yet, despite the distance in time and miles from the UK, Britons in Romania say they were deeply moved by the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

Monarchy spoke to a handful of Britons living in Romania to ask them what the queen meant to them and the country, and what King Charles will bring to the monarchy.

Nicholas Hammond, senior solicitor and resident in Romania for over 30 years said:

Mother of the nation

“The person who held the country together through thick and thin has gone and can never be replaced.  She was the mother of the nation. She was everyone’s grandmother. The nation has lost its grandmother.”

„I think will Charles will do his best to carry on in the same vein and he will become the leader of the nation. He will grow into the job and very quickly.”

„When I met Charles in Bucharest (editor’s note: at a reception), he was  a nice guy, approachable and friendly. He spoke to everyone in the room whether they were British, Romanian or from any other country and showed interest in them.”

Paul Wood, long-term resident of Romania, writer and owner of recruitment company, Apple Search.

„We knew this would happen and yet could not imagine it. Her going is incredibly painful despite her great age. ”

Remarkable monarch

„She knew that she was not remarkable but the monarchy was, yet she has been a remarkable monarch, saying only one tactless thing in 70 years (she told someone Manchester is not a very nice place).”

” I am told by someone who knows that she had a lot of political influence. I wish she had been able to prevent some of the terrible things that her ministers did, but that was beyond her powers.”

„Her death severs one more link that binds her kingdom to Christianity. Thank goodness she did not abdicate but continued to her dying day. For many years she was less loved than respected, but that changed with the Golden Jubilee.”

Colin C Lovering, chairman of the  British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

„I speak on behalf of our Board of Directors, our members and friends of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce as we bow our heads to the deeply sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II today.”

Historical service

„Those outstanding 70 years of historical service witnessed the astonishing statistic of serving through 15 Prime Ministers, 14 USA Presidents and 7 Popes!”

„I am sure that, in the following days, many people around the world will collectively raise their heads and touch their hearts to recognize an incredible life of uninterrupted, dedicated service to the British people and members of the Commonwealth.”

„May she now rest in peace and our sincere condolences to the Royal Family at this time of mourning and deep reflection.”

Arabella McIntrye-Brown, British writer, author of „A Stake in Transylvania,” „Dragons over London” and „Floss the lost puppy.”


“From now on we will be known as Elizabethans – this is the end of an era, but the start of another. One of the great strengths of the British monarchy is that it continues, unbroken, as a true constant in the life of the nation and for each of us as individuals.

“This has been a shocking and very sad day, and it will take a long time to adjust to a world without the Queen. But Charles will have our loyalty, love and support. Long live the King.”



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