Bucharest: the cheapest European home for digital nomads

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Bucharest is the cheapest European capital to live in for digital nomads, according to a recent study by Neobank Bunq cited by tourism-review.com.

The average cost of living in Bucharest for digital nomads is EUR 935 per month, which includes rent, public transport, and other additional expenses.

Rent for a one-room apartment in Bucharest costs around EUR 417.

Budapest comes in second after Bucharest with a living cost of more than EUR 1,091.

Athens is the third-cheapest city, where non-residents pay around EUR 1,191 per month.

Digital nomads and expats in London pay three times more than in Bucharest, around EUR 3,258.

According to the Neobank Bunq study, digital nomads in London and Dublin bear the highest cost of living, with average expenses of around EUR 3,258 and 2,908 per month, respectively.

The study compared apartment rent costs, public transport, co-working spaces and offices, electricity, and mobile internet in 27 EU capitals and Great Britain.

Among digital nomads, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris are the most popular EU capitals. However, these destinations are also among the most expensive ones.

By comparison, Bucharest stands out not only for having the lowest overall costs but also for offering affordable prices for both shared and private workspaces.

Mobile workers from abroad pay around EUR 132 in the Romanian capital. Warsaw and Tallinn secured the second and third places, respectively, with prices of EUR 138 and EUR 140.

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