Bye bye Indian summer. Temperatures will gradually cool in Romania

Balmy dry autumn days will gradually come to an end and by the end of the month, temperatures will be seasonal average, the head of Romania’s Meteorological service said.

Florinela Georgescu, the executive director of the National Weather Administration said temperatures would begin to fall on Friday with a maximum of 19C in Bucharest. By the end of November “we will return to a natural weather cycle… which means a maximum of 15C”, she said.

” A great many records were broken across the country yesterday (Nov. 3), especially in the south. Temperatures will begin to drop from Friday. The minimum temperatures are also expected to gradually decrease,” she said on Thursday.

More worrying is the ongoing drought with very little rain in recent weeks, she said. November is expected to be equally dry.

During the winter months, there’s an average f 30-40 liters of rainfall per square meter per month, she said.

Despite record highs, she said low temperatures and heavy snowfall were forecast for the winter.

„It’s not unusual for it to fall to minus 10 C in December. And January, which is the coldest month of the year could see blizzards, Mrs Georgescu said.

In the past, Romania has had snow in November, but it’s unlikely this year, she said.

In recent years, as temperatures have risen, Bucharest has been spared heavy snowfall, with the heaviest snow falling in the mountains.




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